Practitioners Toolkit
I'm trying to decide if I should start or join a small practice

Is a small practice right for you?

Transitioning to a small practice has a number of advantages. For example, the principals of a small public practice often have more control over their work environment than those of a large one. This does not necessarily make small practice environments better than large practices, just different. A smaller size can come with more responsibility and less specialization.

In this portal, we want to help you leverage the profession's resources so you can benefit from the advantages of a small practice while also mitigating any disadvantages.

The idea of greater control over the work environment is a key factor as to why people go into small practices, and it is especially appealing to CAs who often have a certain personality type and certain motivations.

Step 1: Reflection - Are You the Type Who Might Enjoy A Small Practice?

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we suggest you use some of the profession's existing tools to decide whether you're the type of person who might enjoy starting a small practice.

CA Source is a service to help members plan their careers. It offers a variety of career planning tools and resources, including:

  • CareerVision - a monthly career newsletter that provides articles on career advancement and people management topics, as well as a selection of current job postings and links to the latest CA salary survey information
  • Webinars - offered on a monthly basis from January to June and September to November on topics that center around career advancement and staff management topics. The format is a 40 minute presentation by a featured speaker, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.
  • Books on Careers
  • Career Counselors
  • Salary Survey