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How can I save my Internet Explorer "Favourites"

Have you ever wondered how to save your "favourites" in Internet Explorer and copy them to another computer? This tutorial will give you a quick run down on how to do just that!

The first thing you need to do is run your "Windows Explorer". You can open it by right-clicking on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and choosing "Explorer" from the pop-up menu. Another option is to click on the "Start" button at the bottom left of your screen, then click "Programs" on the pop-up menu. Clicking on "Programs" will give you another pop-up menu -- a listing of programs that should include your "Windows Explorer". Click on "Windows Explorer" to start the program.

First we will use the Windows Explorer to save your Internet Explorer favourites. Use your Windows Explorer to look at your C: drive and click on the folder called Windows. Clicking on the plus "+" sign to the left of each folder will open them and show you their contents. You should see another folder called "Favourites" under your Windows folder. This is where all your webpage "favourites" are stored.

A floppy disk would be the easiest way to transfer these files. Just right click on the favourites folder, then click on "Send To:" in the pop-up box. Make sure there is a floppy disk in your disk drive and select "3 1/2 Floppy A:" from the pop-up box.

Now you have a copy of your favourites on disk, and you can use it to transfer them to a new computer!










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