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Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. Privacy Policy

Our Commitment

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information collected from its members, students and others in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIPPA”).

Scope of Policy

This Policy does not apply to the collection, use or disclosure of the following information by the Institute:

  • information about corporate or commercial entities;
  • an individual’s business contact information;
  • employee personal information, as other Institute policies apply to employees; or
  • publicly available information as recognized under the FOIPPA,and other legislation.


The Institute collects, uses and discloses your personal information for purposes authorized or required by the FOIPPA or other applicable law and where you have given express or implied consent to do so.  For example, the Institute collects, uses or discloses personal information:

  • to regulate the profession in accordance with the Accountants (Chartered) Act, the Institute’s bylaws, bylaw regulations and rules of professional conduct;
  • to compile and maintain the members directory;
  • to provide services to members, students and others;
  • to survey the membership.


The Institute recognizes its obligation to protect personal information in its custody or control and has made arrangements to secure against the unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or destruction of such personal information.  For example, the Institute has implemented physical, organizational, contractual and technological security measures.  Third parties who provide services to the Institute involving personal information are required to have appropriate privacy policies and/or to abide by the Institute’s policies relevant to the personal information in question.

Institute staff and volunteers are accountable for ensuring this Policy is followed at all times.

Individual Access and Accuracy

Individuals may access their personal information held by the Institute upon request (subject to timelines and access exceptions established under the FOIPPA and other applicable law) and may request the correction of their personal information, as appropriate.

Where an access or correction request is refused, the Institute will notify you in writing, document the reasons for refusal and outline further steps which are available to you.

The Institute endeavors to ensure the personal information it holds is accurate - this is largely accomplished through annual requests to members for updated information at the time of membership renewal. 

Questions or Concerns

Privacy practices for the Institute’s various activities are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy or its implementation should be directed to the Privacy Officer at:

Suite 500, One Bentall Centre,
505 Burrard Street, Box 22,
Vancouver, BC
V7X 1M4











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