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CAs for Media Interviews

The following media directory includes CAs from across BC, and from a variety of sectors and specialties. You can find CAs listed by their city, name, or area of expertise.

CAs are business leaders, working within various organizations and industries, the public sector, or they may be entrepreneurs running their own businesses or providing consulting services. CAs in public practice provide a variety of business advisory services including: business start-up and expansion; business valuations; corporate and personal financial planning, insolvency, as well as tax, accounting and audit. Two newer areas of public practice are environmental and forensic accounting.

All CAs listed in this directory signed up for the publication and are willing to be contacted by the media for interviews.

The Chartered Accountants of BC are always willing to help reporters find a CA in their community for comment. If the media directory does not include a CA in the needed area or city, please call: Kerri Wilcox at the Chartered Accountants of BC at (604) 488-2625/1-800-663-2677. E-mail: brkich-wilcox@ica.bc.ca.

CAs by City
CAs by Name
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