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New Westminster CA Students Excel

December 4, 2009

VANCOUVER—Eight New Westminster CA students: Mike Auras (DMCL LLP), Anne Chow (DMCL LLP), Sonny Dhillon (Mahmoud Virani Inc.), Deepk Jaswal (Deloitte & Touche LLP), Maryna Kirichuk (MacKay LLP), Linda Schucroft (KPMG LLP), Jodi Weston (Cinnamon Jang Willoughby & Co), and Angelina Zhao (Grant Thornton LLP) passed the national Uniform Evaluation (UFE), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC (ICABC) and the CA School of Business (CASB) announced today. A total of 444 BC writers successfully completed the exam, which was written over three days in September.

Victoria’s Jolene Kendrew (City of Colwood) was recognized as the top CA student in Canada and was awarded the National Gold Medal. She is joined by 12 other BC students who made the National Honour Roll. For a full listing of successful BC-based UFE writers, organized by location, see http://www.casb.com/index.php?catid=65.

“On behalf of the Institute’s Council, I would like to congratulate these students for successfully passing the UFE,” said Karen Keilty, FCA, President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC. “We welcome them to the ranks of Chartered Accountants.”

To become a CA, students must complete rigorous course work, pass the UFE, and work for 30 months in a CA firm. The national UFE ensures all Canadian CAs meet the same high standards, which are recognized nationally and internationally.

“Congratulations to the newest members of our profession, including 1037 from the CASB region. Because of their quality work and commitment, these successful UFE writer are poised to become distinguished professionals displaying the CA profession’s unique combination of skills and integrity,” said John Gunn, FCA, CEO for the CA School of Business.

The innovative CASB program was established in 2000 as an education delivery system for Western Canada’s CA students. Combining a technology-based approach to learning with the solid business basics traditionally associated with the CA designation, the program includes online modules and face-to-face sessions. The competency-based learning model is consistent with the principles of national CA education as set out by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), and provides CA students with graduate-level education.

The CA School of Business (CASB) develops and delivers a competency-based learning program for university graduates seeking to become chartered accountants (CAs) in Western Canada. Acting on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the four provincial CA institutes in Western Canada, CASB ensures that its graduates possess the superior financial expertise, business insight, strategic planning, and leadership required to become business-ready CAs.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia is the training, governing and regulatory body of B.C.'s 10,000 members and just over 1,500 CA students. The Institute carries out its primary mission to protect the public by enforcing the most demanding admission criteria and the highest professional and ethical standards. Thanks to the quality and rigour of their education and training, CAs are recognized internationally for bringing superior financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight and leadership to organizations.


For media inquiries, contact:
Kerri Brkich, Manager, Public Affairs
Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C.
Tel: (604) 488-2625
E-mail: brkich@ica.bc.ca









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